Police Prevent Act of Violence Against Park Valley Church, Haymarket

Prince William Officer arrests man who made threats against church. He was located on the premises, carrying weapons.


Prince William Police arrested a man who was hiding within Park Valley Church with concealed weapons. Police were informed that the man threatened violence. They were fortunately able to detain him and no acts of violence were committed. 

Threats of Violence Investigation – Sept. 24, at 10:12 a.m., Prince William County Police Officers responded to Park Valley Church located at 4500 Waverly Farm Drive in Haymarket to investigate a possible threat of violence.

The investigation revealed Fairfax County police contacted Prince William County police after their agency received information from police in Anne Arundel County, Maryland regarding a citizen residing in Laurel who reported recent suspicious and concerning online postings on Instagram from an individual later identified as the accused.

In the postings, vague threats of violence were made, some of which included images of a location later determined to be Park Valley Church in Haymarket (Prince William County).

Through the swift investigation led by Anne Arundel police, their officers were able to determine a potential residence for the accused in Falls Church and immediately contacted Fairfax County police concerning the postings.

When Fairfax County police responded to the home, the accused was not located. Additional information regarding a vehicle was also obtained through the joint investigation and contact was made with Prince William County police to check the church property.

An off-duty, uniformed Prince William County police officer working a detail assignment at the church located the unoccupied vehicle belonging to the accused in the parking lot. At around the same time, staff at the church were monitoring a suspicious person who was determined to be the accused who was on the premises.

The off-duty officer and church staff coordinated and detained the accused near the entrance without incident.

The accused apparently entered the building through a separate door and had been inside the location prior to being stopped. Church services were going on at the time, but no injuries were reported.

The accused was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun along with an additional magazine, a folding knife, and a folding “credit card” style knife.

The accused was determined to have a concealed weapon permit, and the firearm was not reported stolen. Following the investigation, police arrested Rui Jiang, 35 of 5601 Seminary Road, #318, in Falls Church

He was charged with threats of bodily harm and carrying dangerous weapon to place of religious worship.

His court date is pending. He is being held without bond. 

Additionally, an Emergency Substantial Risk Order (ESRO) and a search warrant for the residence in Falls Church were obtained. Related documents and electronic items were seized, no additional firearms were located. Anyone who may have had previous contact with the accused leading up to this incident is asked to contact Prince William County police at 703-792-7000.

Law enforcement credits the concerned citizen who contacted police regarding these suspicious online postings, joint law enforcement efforts from multiple police agencies, and the staff of Park Valley Church for their vigilance.

We encourage everyone to see somethingsay something. The Department of Homeland Security recognizes September 25 as #SeeSayDaya pledge to protect our community from acts of potential violence. Residents in Prince William County can report suspicious activity online, or call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency or the non-emergency line at 703-792-6500.

Park Valley Church is a nondenominational Bible-based Christian church in the Haymarket area. It has a large and vibrant congregation. Their services often include live on-stage musical performances. 


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